Year: 2006

  • Housewarming

    Attention Soton Kiddies et al!

    Eric and I will be holding a housewarming party – yes, that housewarming party – this weekend!

  • Moving House

    It’s finally reached that time. Despite the furniture in the car and the eight boxes of books in the garage, not to mention the three bin liners full of stuff for charities or throwing away, my room’s still so full I can’t get to the bed. God knows how I’m going to fit all of this into the flat, anyway.

    But that’s what I will be doing, a mere 12 hours from now. The contract signed, the first month’s rent paid… The flat is ours. Tomorrow, we move in.

  • Paradox of the Unseelie Dreamer

    So many dreams, so many… Like being crushed by them, but so beautiful… Redefining the world and redefining myself, endlessly… So cold, so dark… But must never lose this…

  • Dandelion Constellation

    Two of Witches
        Queen of Hearts
    a Dozen Friends

    Ah, tonight. Opposite night of my birthday, the night the other fires burn. The skies are full of woodsmoke and the light of the full moon and hundreds upon hundreds of flowers made of stars.

  • Seasons’ Change

    And so, with the first frost crinkling the grass and the heating turned up, the season of wishes became the season of dreams. At times, the world makes it perfectly clear that it is a whole six months from lilac season, and the frost crackles like the land itself is being crushed in an icy grip. Other times, the smell of fires and cooking and inside-in-Winter doesn’t make it all seem that bad after all.

    Now, we’ll see which kind of Winter this will be – a season of happy dreams or of shattered dreams?

  • Nostalgia

    Nostalgia, I reflected, was a strange thing indeed. There were a lot of things I missed about my old life, since I moved away. But I had thought it was only the people, and the things I did with those people. It seemed that I was wrong.

    As I stared out of the window at the docks that glittered beside the train tracks; saw the familiar shapes of ships and cranes and the old flour mill, nostalgia washed over me. More than that – homesickness.

  • Halloween Party

    Hallowe’en was awesome. Thank you, everyone!!

  • Motherfucking Rants on a Motherfucking Livejournal!

    Rant time I’m afraid.

    So, I found a flat. A really nice one – pretty big rooms, balcony, nice views, really close to the town centre, and within budget. Eric liked the sound of it too, so I called the agents to pick a time to sign contracts.

  • Dark So Soon

    Oh, summer, how quickly you departed…

    Now I leave the house for work in the dark of the pre-dawn morning, and only return as the sky grows dark toward dusk again. Autumn is here once more and, though the roses still bloom, the first frost will soon come to lay siege to the land.

  • The Wedding

    The wedding was awesome in so many ways. The whole weekend was, in fact. But now I am ill =S

    Wedding photo links follow: