Year: 2007

  • A Christmas Message

    In an age so concentrated on consumerism and tacky plastic ornaments, I believe we should all take time today to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

    By which, of course, I mean goose, Christmas pudding and brandy!

  • Home for Christmas

    Fittingly, today, the fog and the frost never lifted over Dorset, or at least my bit of it. I headed into work half-heartedly, did nothing all day, and left at 2pm. Even though I’m only off for two weeks, leaving the place and disappearing off into the mist has an odd kind of finality about it.

    Merry Yule, everyone!

  • Tonight…

    Tonight, Eric and I were going to go to the cinema, then to the pub. She decided she wasn’t keen after all, so…

    On cinema tickets, I saved £15.

  • Version 1.0

    Guess how many bugs are left in my code? None. That I know of, anyway. The last three and a half weeks have been quite insane but now, now, it is version 1.0.

    Customer inspection of said software starts tomorrow.

  • Loneliness and Wanderlust

    From having four visitors, suddenly we are on our own. Eric is having a nap, Joseph is trying to sleep, it’s dark outside and the lights are down low… Though nothing fundamental has changed, I’m feeling lonely now. I can’t find the words for just how much I miss Southampton; how much I miss having everyone around all the time. Hell, right now I even miss Eric, though she’s only in the next room.

    Good old wanderlust is becoming a problem too. I’m envious enough of two of my friends who are off travelling around the world, and now I get to be envious of another two who are going to India to see them there. It’s not just that kind of epic travel I’d like to do; even just packing up some things and heading to some other part of the country for a few days would be nice. But are the days when I could do that over already? It’s a feat of organisation just to go to the shops right now – we’d need to time it right between Joseph’s feeds, put the pram together, pack a bottle and nappies… The time between wanting to go out and doing so has gotten much longer. I wonder how long the preparation time for any kind of proper travel might be?