Year: 2008

  • ITT we bitch about KDE4

    So, KDE4 eh? No offence to the programmers, they’ve certainly achieved something beyond my capabilities, but… So many irritations =S

  • The Golden Compass

    Slowpoke I know, but I just got around to watching it. Is it just me, or was there supposed to be an ending there? You know, one where they don’t just go happily flying off into the sunset?

  • Momentous Feats

    Today, I managed three momentous feats.

  • Anonymous are Everywhere

    Discovered this in the window of a phone box on the way home today.

  • Higgs Boson

    Eric bought a plushie Higgs Boson off t’internet.

  • Snow. In Bournemouth. WTF?

    For the attention of Winter and Spring,

  • War on Terror! The RPG

    As promised on Twitter earlier today:

  • Iron Man

    Clearly I work for an uncool defence contractor, or something. I wonder how you get into the cool side…

  • Imminence of Christmas

    What the hell? Suddenly, it’s the 19th of December. It’s my last day at work before two weeks of Christmas holiday. But where was the build-up? Where the sense of the joyous release of the holiday season?

  • Sickness and Despatching of Toddlers

    Today’s the third day that Joseph’s spent off around the place without Eric or I, and for once I feel kind of guilty. The previous two days he was kind of a pain, but so far today he’s been soppy and cuddly, but I still have to give him away. Unfair! D= Still, I’m not exactly feeling great this morning, so going back to bed is a remarkably appealing idea.

  • Of Lamb, Pork, Duck, Gammon and Turkey

    This week has been a good one for food. Thanks to non-traditional (or at least not traditionally British) Christmas dinners, I’ve had five different meats over the last three days, if you’ll indulge my reference to pork loin and gammon as different things.