Year: 2003

  • Igni Natura Renovatur Integra

    Written as a chapter quote for Dragon’s Claw:

  • The Universe, and Us

    Written as a chapter quote for Dragon’s Claw:

  • Sinister…

    Just finished reading Phoenix Feathers (which I was long overdue to do)… Liberi Fatali starts playing…

  • Human Hearts

    Written as a chapter quote for Dragon’s Claw:

  • Song to the Stars

    Am I… alone? Am I outcast? Am I outside, looking in; or inside, staring out at the world? Am I the last one here; or the first one to leave?

  • Happiness

    Feel the ground under your feet, and the water below. Feel the wind in your hair, and the sunlight on your face. Then stretch your wings and fly… and be happy forever…

  • Childhood

    As I stand here at dawn, I am reminded that a wonderful life has only just started, and every new day is filled with hope…

  • Summer’s Dawn

    I think I’ve found the good thing about living in Weymouth… I woke up and went to work this morning, it was a bit cloudy, and I hardly saw anyone. When I went home at 3:30, the sun was out, and the road I live on (which happens to be the quayside) had sprouted about a hundred people and a street cafe.

  • Strange Life

    Why is it, that I seem to be living my life uncaring, as if small things are unimportant? Things like tidying and cooking don’t seem to matter any more, as if a change will come soon that will make them worthless?

  • Nothing Changes

    The Moment of Truth has Begun.

  • Burning Dreams, Fallen Worlds

    Our minds are nothing. Formless, timeless, existing within ourselves as a paradox, something more than the sum of its parts. They are “us”, but without the physical components of ourselves, they cannot function. All is silent, untouchable, odourless, tasteless… dark…

  • In Memoriam

    “I make my back, to the hometown that looks just the same.
    The schools and the factories, standing alone still remain.
    But the faces have changed, and the ones that I knew are gone.
    And I hear the laughter and voices still echo my name…“

    — Celtus, “Rosa-Ree”

  • The Nature of God

    The word “God” means “That of which nothing greater can be concieved”. So, the greatest thing there is, is existence itself. The universe, multiverse, or whatever proves to be the whole of existence.

  • The Nature of Barbecues

    Well, about 2 o’clock this afternoon we decided to have a barbecue. About 1 o’clock in the morning, I’m sitting on the stairs in our house, listening to Bob Dylan and swigging Scrumpy straight from the bottle. And I’ve got to go to work tomorrow morning. Well, this morning really.

  • Cards with Changing Faces

    I got some new Tarot cards today – for once, a normal set. I’ve gotta say, I’m really impressed. The deck’s called the Celtic Dragon Tarot, and the artwork is very nice indeed!

  • Coloured Lights in the Darkness

    Sitting on the windowsill, staring out at the funfair lights across the water, and dreaming… It’s a brief rest from the weekend’s business. A meal out yesterday, barbecue and five visitors to the house tomorrow, Trawler Race Day on Monday, to Bournemouth for the night on Tuesday, then back to Weymouth to recover on Wednesday. And all that time, there’s festivals and celebrations every day here…

  • A Thousand Summer Days

    Ah… good day, good day.

  • Status Report

    • Uptime so far today: 20.9 hours.
    • Meals consumed today: 7.
    • Enjoyable meals consumed today: 3.
    • Time spent travelling today: 7 hours.
    • Time spent online today: 4 hours.
    • Movies watched: 1.
    • Anime episodes wathced: 2.
    • Business presentations made: 2.
    • Newspapers read: 1.
    • Number of times playlist on MP3 player has looped: 4 (approx 40 songs total).
    • Number of times playlist on computer has looped: 0.15 (approx 230 songs total).

    Will have to be awake to buy a Fathers’ Day card and catch a train to Bournemouth in 9 hours’ time.

  • Life’s Rose Waltz

    Life… is a song. For different people, it has different melodies, different beats, a different feel. But it’s still a song. And there are those who dance to their song and flow with their life. There are those who stand uneasily on the dancefloor of life, clutching their pint of stubbornness and try to fight it. And there are those who sit on the edge, watching the dance of life spiral past them…

  • Leaving a World Behind

    Did I, after all, enjoy that…?

  • Longing for Unreality

    The problem with Roleplaying is, life as Tsuki is more fun…

  • Earthbound Constellations

    City lights… Endlessly repeating their story, night after night, in tribute to our taming of the darkness. But the darkness can never be tamed, we have not the power to overcome the blackness of night. So, for now, the lights of the cities twinkle in the darkness, a mirror of the lights above. Earthbound constellations, longing to break their bindings and be one with their brothers, the stars…

  • Humanity and Beauty

    I wonder, what it is that makes us human? Perhaps, it’s beauty. Not being beautiful, but perceiving beauty.

  • Eternal Sunlight

    Summer is brilliant… It’s 27 degrees (C) in Weymouth today, the sun’s shining and the sky’s pure blue…

  • Twilight Breeze

    “Come with me in the twilight of a summer night for awhile
    Tell me of a story never ever told in the past.
    Take me back to the land
    Where my yearnings were born
    The key to open the door is in your hand
    Now take me there
    to the land of twilight…“

    — “The Key of Twilight”, from .hack//SIGN

  • Lasting Monuments

    All the things I’ve done up to now… they don’t seem to have lasted. The work that I did at school – it started and finished there. And I was just the same as everyone else, and what I did there would never be important.

  • Drowning in Unachievable Dreams

    “Can you still see your dreams in the distant, starry sky?
    Are they more vivid than they were when you were little?
    When one forgets to put the emotions that overflow in her heart to rest, they burn the color of passion.
    I used to believe without a doubt that I could reach my dreams, no matter how far off they were.
    But that me from long ago now sleeps inside my heart.
    Dreams are more fragile and fleeting than a glass rose,
    so then why are we destined to dream?”

    — “Scarlet”, opening song from Ayashi no Ceres

  • Dreams of the World

    The red and brown leaves blew in the air,
    as dreams and memories flowed past on the wind.
    Walking slowly through the frigid stillness,
    fighting the sudden coldness of the world.
    But in time the flowers came again,
    to shine in the sunlight of a gentle morning.
    And now the lazy sunshine days are here again,
    our world a glittering jewel in the light.
    Yet soon, the western winds will blow once more,
    and we will be whisked away on a merry-go-round of dreams.

  • Love Hina UK

    So, it’s happened – I’ve finally made it back to the world of education again. Even though I’ve lived on my own before, moving to University is the first time I’ve had to live with people I don’t already know. The thing is, I’m wondering if this is some kinda’ strange psychological experiment – I’m the only guy out of the 9 occupants of this flat. It’s a bit of an odd experience, but we all seem to get along pretty well.

  • And then… It was Autumn…

    The summer passed and the sunshine faded in what seemed a brief moment… Suddenly, evenings were cold and dark again… The first illnesses of the season… Dreaming of a roaring open fire…

  • The Season of Memories

    It’s Winter-fall
    Red skies are gleaming – oh –
    Sea-gulls are flyin’ over
    Swans are floatin’ by
    Smoking chimney-tops
    Am I dreaming…
    Am I dreaming…?
    So quiet and peaceful
    Tranquil and blissful
    There’s a kind of magic in the air
    What a truly magnificent view
    A breathtaking scene
    With the dreams of the world
    In the palm of your hand
    A cosy fireside chat
    A little this, a little that
    Sound of merry laughter skippin’ by
    Gentle rain beatin’ on my face
    What an extraordinary place!
    And the dream of the child
    Is the hope of the man…

    — Queen – A Winter’s Tale

  • Transcending Story

    All stories are but one story…
    Stories transcend existence…
    All things are immortal within them…
    Outside of time and space, our minds live…
    Every second of every hour, enraptured by their story…

  • Dreaming of Other Times

    Dreaming of other times…
    Other worlds, perhaps…
    My eyes open, my ears listening,
    but my mind gone…
    Journeying forever amongst the stars,
    in other places and other times,
    while my body stays unmoving.

  • Let the Blogging Begin!!

    At long last… I have a LiveJournal thing! Apologies if it gets taken up with pointless musings or pseudo-poetry… I’ll try my best to do something useful though.

  • All Mathed Out

    That… was one awfully long work session. My IRC addiction’s becoming more obvious now, with me watching the screen more than the paper I’m writing on… and now, my mind feels like death itself. Chocolate is required, I think! ^_^

  • Fish and Chips and Paracetamol

    For some reason, I’ve got a really bad headache… Nothing seems to be going right for me at the moment. I can’t concentrate, I couldn’t be bothered to cook tonight, I’ve wasted at least 10 CDRs on various flavours of Linux, none of which I particularly like, and ‘cos of this bastard headache I can’t even go out tonight… I just hope IRC can satisfy my desire for sentient company, since everyone else is buggering off to the cinema or pub…

  • Eat, drink be merry, and have some more driiiinnk! ^_^


  • Inverse Dream-Tripping ~ Is This What a Nightmare Is?

    The last two nights, I’ve had dreams… dreams that seemed very real indeed. The night before last, some kind of festival which for some reason I had to escape from, but the buildings I was in were a maze that I couldn’t find my way out of, no matter how much I ran… But yet still, for some reason, the layout was somehow… familiar. And then last night, I dreamt that I was at a school where bullying and voilence dominated everyone’s lives there, and that I was weak and could do nothing to stop getting beaten up…

  • Internet vs. Maths – we have a winner!

    Bleh, it’s getting annoying now… I’ve been trying to get down to doing my maths coursework for three days now, and still haven’t done any… There’s always so much other stuff I end up being distracted by… So, I’m really gonna have to do a lot of work over the next three days…

  • Work Overload

    So much work… and I’m just writing in my blog while my books are open on my lap, just finding something to pass my time rather than work… I know that’s bad, but.. my mind wanders like nothing else… I’ve got tonight and tomorrow night to finish this lot, and I will manage it, even if I have to chain myself to the problem paper…

  • Life, and Work…. or are they the same thing?

    Why is it, that my life seems to revolve around work more and more… It seems like every evening, I work until gone midnight… I’ve done all I think I can do of my maths coursework – I can’t really do the last question, it would take a lot of thinking about, and my brain’s just not up to it any more. Maybe I can scrape finishing it off in the lecture tomorrow, if I sit near the back ^_^

  • Completion

    Whoa, now that feels good. Finally, it’s the weekend, I can sleep, and have fun, and go to LAC on Sunday, and do some stuff for the Dreaming Awake website and all sorts of stuff… and I don’t have to worry about work for another few days!

  • Star Waltz

    It’s… so cold out here… Alone, dreaming, under the stars…

  • Five Hours’ Sleep

    Well, I’ve got a fun five hours’ sleep ahead of me before my only compulsory bit of the week, my Physics tutorial! Woohoo, what fun!

  • One day to go…

    One problem sheet question…

  • People are too Complicated

    Today has been a very odd day…

  • What is home…?

    Well, yesterday I moved back to my parents’ house for three weeks for Chrsitmas! It was kinda’ sad to say goodbye to people there for three weeks, but it’ll be good to see everyone from Bournemouth again. I just wished they’d come home sooner, I think Dom and Adam are back on Thursday and Ant next weekend. In the meantime, I’m not having much to do, but I guess it’s okay to take it easy for a while. I’ve got lots of revision I could be doing (exams in January, eek!) and lots of games I could be playing now I’m back at home with a PS2 and a TV… But for a few days, I think I’ll just relax.

  • Time and Money (and the lack thereof)

    Eeek… too little time to do anything, because I spend too much of it sleeping or just doing nothing… And too little money, although I continue to spend it anyway…

  • DDRUK Meetfun!

    w00t! I am t3h enjoy! It was great to meet everyone, finally… and yeah, those “dance machine” things were quite good too =p I’ve got some pictures, but unfortunately my camera sucks. I guess other peoples’ pics will be appearing on the DDRFUK Boards soon enough!

  • Dentistfun

    Eeek, dental agony funtime! My teeth are apparently fine, but my dentist still insisted on descaling them with a big metal spike, and yanking hard at my teeth with said implement. Oww~su…

  • Woo, I suck.

    I am the master of suckage. It seems, this year, I’m forgetting everything… I forgot Mothers’ Day, my mum’s birthday, five family birthdays, and I nearly screwed up Christmas too… I forgot to get my parents a card, and I managed to leave it until today to get my mum a present. Unfortunately all the things she actually wanted for Christmas I couldn’t find anywhere, so I just bought the nicest-looking box of chocolates I could find… I hope it’s gonna be okay… Well, I s’pose I’ll find out tomorrow morning…

  • Merry Christmasu!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Jewel-Studded Dreams

    The dream I just had… it’s a rare thing, these days, to have a dream with a proper story – a beginning, a middle, and an end. Well worth staying in bed for an extra 3 hours for! ^_^ Of course, memories of dreams fade fast, and I can’t remember much of the story any more. But the end… the final, enduring image of the dream… Two young people, one male one female, dressed in armour made entirely of multicoloured fist-sized gemstones etched with gold… Holding similarly gem-studded swords… Whilst standing on the kind of beach you see in adverts for Caribbean holidays, just staring out to sea. And the sense of completion, that everything had a happy ending…