Year: 2006

  • Forward Once More (Melody)

    Rucksack packed full of clothes, books and papers in the two satchels slung one over each shoulder, water bottle in its pouch and umbrella in its belt scabbard. Sleeping bag tied on, rolled up tent tied on, frying pan tied on. Music playing, alarm set, door locked. It’s time to go; time for the next part of the adventure to begin.

  • Once More the Melancholy Music Plays (Harmony)

    Once more, let the melancholy music play;
    Once more, once more…
    Once more, we return and here we stay;
    Once more, once more…
    Once more, long past the fading of the day;
    Once more, once more…

  • Ouch

    Headache OF THE YEAR desu~.

  • Morning from the Other Side

    This is the first time in a long time that I’ve seen morning from the just-got-up rather than the not-gone-to-bed-yet side. It’s a strangely wonderful feeling, as though I actually had forgotten what the sights, sounds and smells of morning are. I guess, though, over the next week, I’ll have a lot of practice at seeing this part of the day.

  • Something Like an Update

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted here – looks like exams and other concerns really have stolen all my free time. So, here’s what’s going on at the moment.

  • Just a Thought

    I wonder how long it’s been since I last saw a sunrise…?

  • Of Tiredness

    I am, as my mother would no doubt delight in informing me, over-tired. It’s a most strange feeling… I don’t feel tired, but my brain is suggesting all the wrong feelings and emotions for every situation, and it’s dominated by the idea that everything will be okay in the morning…

  • Busy-ness

    Exams were a bit evil.

  • More Catching Up

    Yet again, over a week with no blog posting. I’m not sure why, I just don’t really feel the desire to write here so often anymore. Probably just a phase I’m going through though… =S

  • Multiple Ranting I’m Afraid

    My apologies for this, feel free not to read it.

  • Closing of the Moment

    The rain-tainted sky darkens slowly over the city, and friends depart; two by two, one by one. Like all of my life these days, the last week has blurred out into a past I can barely remember already.

  • Sleep Cycle

    Okay, my sleep cycle is now almost amusingly screwed. I’m just about having time to do the work I need to do, although I have presentation doom in a week’s time, but I’m just not getting up in time for any of my lectures… I really need to get properly into motivated mode, even if it means going to bed before midnight most days.

  • Fucksocks.

    Atomic Physics: 56%

  • Changeling Game Update

    An update on the current Changeling situation, for those playing:

  • Films and Presentations

    Yesterday was fun! ^_^ Got taught how to play Battlefleet Gothic at Gamesoc, and it seems I’ve been roped into an ongoing campaign… Should be good! I’m probably going to get horribly owned, though… =S

  • Spoils of Weekends

    Right, I’m off to see my mum for her birthday. I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon for the other two birthdays this weekend!

  • Flying Higher than the Stars

    Never has a weekend been shinier than that. So much happiness in such a short space of time…

  • Coat Envy

    The costume shop down the road has the MOST AWESOME FROCK COAT EVER in the window… It’s my size and everything, and it’s really well-lined and comfy and it’s purple and black with frilly bits on the cuffs and everything and ohhhh, how I want it…

  • Late for Lectures

    Somewhat worryingly, whether I wake up in time for lectures is now outside my coscious control. I have now, apparently, re-mastered the ability to disable my alarm clock in my sleep.

  • Dreams, huh?

    If this year’s Maelstrom events are anything like as cool as the last three hours’ worth of dream I just had, I will be a very happy man indeed.

  • Squee!

    Well, here goes… For the second couple in a week:

  • More Squee, of a Shallower Kind

  • Reciept for a Beginning of a Dream

    And there was me thinking that the fairy dust she sprinkled over me would bring me dreams while I slept. No, I was woken up and had no memory of dreams. But half an hour later, a fragment of another kind of dream arrived in the post.

  • Cons and Spring

    As with all major and wonderful events, I can’t really write up this year’s Minamicon in a way that does it justice, so I shan’t really bother. Suffice to say it was as awesome as always and as full of drama as always. Unusually this time: I went to the sake tasting, I didn’t go into the games room, I got a free lift to and from the hotel every day (thanks Alex!). I now have shiny posters and shiny plushies. All is good.

  • The Meaning of "Holiday", Now

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, there stood children where now there stand adults. For them, holidays were wonderous times when there was no school, no work to do, just day after day of seeing all our friends and having fun. They were always together, always with each other.

  • Coat Envy Strikes Back

    I have coat envy again. Damnit.

  • Life

    I have long suspected that real life is, in fact, an anime.

  • Birthday Celebrations Announced!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the imminence of the most fantastic and wonderous event of the year*, to be held here in the city of Southampton on 1st May.

  • Latest in the Series

    MAG302: Derived Magical Practice

  • The Crescendo of Change Realised

    It’s been so long, you know, since I first came here. Back then, I was so unsure of myself, and so – in a way – scared of those around me. I think, back then, innocence was the one thing in the world I prized the most. So much so that it was something I strived to keep as much as possible, and so much so that my easily-breakable nature that appeared as a by-product created a hobby for my friends.

  • A Few Discoveries Today

    1) It’s really, definitely Spring now! I was down to a t-shirt while wandering around today and was still warm; the trees are starting to blossom; and I saw two different kinds of butterfly on the way into Uni, too.

  • Behold a New Era of Gay!

    For the attention of Racheet, Rhiannon and others with similar taste:

  • UniversalTruth Discovered in Sentai Show

    Up until now, I would have described sentai shows as being a bit weird, not really my thing.

  • Party Advert #1

  • Party Advert #2

  • And, with the rain…

    And, with the rain, my motivation to do anything – particularly things involving carrying large planks of wood around town and cutting them up – disappeared. Another day of no practical work, so I’ll have to make up for it with some slaving over LaTeX…

  • Party Advert #3

  • Party Advert #4

  • So, Today…

    Today, I have been in the lab about as much as physically possible.

  • Website Updates

    This evening I spent n hours (where n is too many) redesigning my site a bit due to an idea I had earlier in the day. Behold its shiny shiny glory!

  • Post-LARP Blues

    The post-LARP crash continues this morning, and as usual after the contents of my weekend real life seems meaningless and uninteresting by comparison. Still, I guess I have to concentrate on real-life things for a while. I’m hungry and have no food, and I have tons of work to do in the next few weeks, and Eric is apparently arriving tomorrow.

  • Party Advert #5

  • An Apology

    My life is full of really rather doomful work at the moment, and my blog may have to suffer for a while. Sorry!

  • Party Advert #6

  • Party Advert #7

  • Work and Images

    No project work for me today – went into Uni, but none of the lab staff were there so I couldn’t even get into the lab. ;;_;; More delays for me.

  • Because all the Cool Kids are doing it


  • Cosplay Hyper!

    Turns out interesting things happen when you ask people to turn up to a party in costume. The last week’s been almost week-before-convention levels of buildup, mostly cosplay-related.

  • Rude Song Adaptation #3459201

    Have spent large portions of today singing the Maelstrom variant of “I used to work in Chicago” with Mark and Andy. There will be a group rendition of this and other choice dodgy songs tomorrow, if for no other reason than breaking Hugo as much as the Cucumber Song does.

  • The May Day Festival

    That… was awesome. My birthday parties just keep on getting shinier and shinier! Thank you to everyone who turned up, especially those of you who came in costume. Sooo happy! bounces

  • Backwash

    So, the post-party drama has hit as it was always bound to. Beltane never ceases to be… interesting. Still, there remains little to be said that I haven’t already said to the relevant people (with one exception, to be dealt with tomorrow). Now a day has passed since the party, life feels sane again – and god knows I need life to be sane if I’m to make it through the next few days – but I’m no less optimistic than I was. The drama never ceases, of course (to the few of you to whom this makes sense, I believe we’re probably now on Chobits S) but still I believe things will turn out for the best.

  • Here Goes…

    As the sun rose, bright and warm, over the city of Southampton, so did I. This is my last day of lab work on the RoboFish project – a maximum of five hours remain for the project to get as close to completion as it will ever be.

  • Perfect Bloodbowl Weather.

    Dear me, it would appear to be summer. Right on cue.

  • Obligatory Birthday Post!

    I’m now 21 years old. Wheee!

  • Covenant

    Squee, Covenant! Despite a five-hour journey home that resulted in me smelling of bus engines and dealing with a stressed Domina, this evening was well worth it. Also I have spent too much money today. But still; squee, Covenant. And also a contested minor squee for the support bands, “Pride and Fall” and the other one whose intro we missed. Racheet and I agree on their unoriginality, but not on whether they are still good regardless.

  • I have an Alternate Past on the Internet! (plus Cyberstalking fun)

    In equal measure crazy, creepy and awesome, I seem to have an alternate past, as seen by the internet.

  • Update

    Good: Girlfriend’s parents discovered to be non-scary.

  • Today is…

    Today is officially the day of RSS.

  • Illness Receeding

    Well, it seems I can actually think today without needing to lie down, and I also managed to eat breakfast and drink coffee! Bonus! Hopefully I should be properly well soon – due to all that coughing, I still sound like a horrible cross between Barry White and a toad…

  • End of Year Party

    Since I’m being bugged about this already, here goes:

  • tsuki.socialStatus ;

    A few months ago, I commented that I’d officially lost my student status, by means of paying over £4 for a panini for lunch.

  • Hmm…

    Just had a ten-second phone call from my better half, which went thus:

  • Dreams

    There needs to be a Pirates of the Carribean musical, and I need to star in it. Although, if it actually happens I’d appreciate a microphone.

  • John Keats vs. Standard Model

    “Ah, but is not truth, beauty; and beauty, truth?”

  • Exams, Drink, Exams…

    Wednesday exam, Nuclei & Particles, was a bit meh. A pretty easy paper, but I forgot a couple of important things which really isn’t going to help my marks.

  • A Momentous Occasion

    Ladies and Gentlemen, today is a most rare occasion, one which I hope you will all in later years be proud to have experienced. Yes, for the first time in no less than eight months…

  • The Melancholy of Ian Renton

    Inamongst the hectic schedule of revision and post-exam events, there’s something I’d entirely forgotten about until now.

  • Completion

    Well, that’s it. I’ve finished University, all bar my graduation.

  • RABIES 2 Confirmation Post

    Okay, the situation for the end-of-year party, a.k.a. RABIES 2, is now confirmed!

  • Maelstrom-ho!

    Righty, having now packed and gotten everything ready, I’m off to Maelstrom – or am I?

  • Sleep Patterns

    So, I made it back from Maelstrom. It was very definitely an awesome weekend. Unfortunately, the transition from Maelstrom sleep patterns (3am-8am) to crashing day sleep patterns (3am-noon) seems to have screwed me up completely. At 9pm today it still felt like lunch time, and now a two-hour phone call with Eric has scrambled my brain I’m feeling tired and ill.

  • Clockwork Winding Down

    Today was fun, pure and simple. No problems in life, no drama to contend with, no worries about the future, just fun from start to finish.

  • Quick Question

    Of three photos of me taken in the last week, which is the gayest?

  • A New Challenger Comes!

    I think you’re mostly in fair agreement that Foxglove is the gayest picture of me taken recently. (See my previous post if you’re confused.)

  • And So the Exodus Begins

    It’s beginning to happen already – the first of us, that group of who’ve been together for three years now, has already left university for the final time. Over the next two weeks, the rest of us will follow. No more shall we call this city our home.

  • Postage!

    Right, this afternoon has been a good one for getting some RPoL-related work done!

  • Disembowelment

    There’s something oddly wonderful about tearing the flesh from the bones of Aeris and Tidus with a blunt knife to the background music of Manowar, before tossing the bits in boiling oil and then stewing them for two hours.

  • Dawn Again

    More and more, recently, I’ve been seeing dawn from the other side. 4am no longer seems a late time to go to bed; in fact it’s long since passed four and I’m not even tired.

  • Midsummer Night’s Dream

    So, there was this Pagan convention thing in the middle of the lake district, then there was this treasure hunt thing where we had to run around collecting something-or-other except that I lost because I spent too much time eating cake, then prizes were given out to people and the prize-giving lady talked about faerie magic for a bit.

  • Relocation

    So, here I am back in Bournemouth after all this time. No more living in Southampton for me, perhaps forever…

  • World Cup

    No more World Cup for us!

  • Suspicion

    Did anyone else realise that we have an Under-Secretary of State by the name of Lord Adonis? Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  • Doom Doom Doom

    Just had one of the most disturbing of my recurring dreams again. Unfortunately I don’t feel comfortable saying what happened in it, because it’s about certain people I know, and it’s about a horrible future that I never want to happen.

  • Hair Cut

    Dear me, I’ve been productive today. I got not just one but TWO things done! Oh yes! I have both shaved, and had a haircut! Yay, go me! Stay tuned for the science bit:

  • More Fun With Dreams

    Didn’t wake up until midday today, in the cause of getting some more dreaming done.

  • Human Contact

    So, today has been weird.

  • FAO Gamesoc

    Gamesoc people, attention!

  • Away into the Night

    “Yes I call across the waves;

  • Graduation

    A little late to post I know, but I graduated on Monday. It was an awesome day, and could only really have been improved by the theatre in which we had to sit, fully robed, for 90 minutes, having been air conditioned.

  • I have done a bad thing

    Of course, I’m always doing bad things, but this one is particularly bad, in the “bad and wrong” sense.

  • An Imperfect Ending

    Well, today has been fun. Right up until the evening, anyway. Here goes the list of what’s happened:

  • Last Night’s Dreams


  • /dev/random > livejournal

    This week has gone approximately thus:

  • Sleep

    I really need to stop falling asleep on trains. Today I was woken up by the ‘doors closing’ beeps at the station I needed to get off at.

  • Pseudo-poll!

    Righty everyone, audience participation time.

  • Bank Holidays

    Oh, commonly-held belief that bank holidays are a good time for DIY, how I hate thee!

  • Writing Overdrive!!

    Thanks for everyone’s votes, it turns out that the results are overwhelmingly in favour of my starting writing now, with no votes to the contrary and only one for fish.

  • The Week in Monochrome

    September. Autumn. Another summer lost to history.

  • Public Service Announcement

    Maelstrom Panic!

  • Maelstrom Mode!

    The weather’s sunny, nights are well moon-lit, my bag is mostly packed, and the whole place smells of liquid latex. It must be Maelstrom time again!

  • Post-LARP fever

    As always, post-LARP fever is getting to me. For three days I’ve dealt with matters of life and death in a place a thousand miles and a world away, and tomorrow… Tomorrow I have to get up at 6am, go to work and pretend none of it really happened.

  • Right At Your Door

    To: The director, scriptwriter and associated staff of the recently-released movie “Right at Your Door”

  • New computer fun!

    Righty, with poor old Suzaku now on its last legs and my parents declaring it a fire hazard, I’m putting together a new machine to pass the time until the Great DirectX 10 Splurge.

  • Beyond Good and Evil

    And so, with the beginnings of Autumn, another year begins to draw to a close. Today is the first of October – exactly a year since, worried by the future and by my rapidly-dwindling time at university, I made a wish.

  • This Weekend

    UV-fluorescent body paint is awesome.

  • So, LJ…

    I have on my desk:

  • Phone Calls of Doom

    2.25 hours on phone + 1 hour past bedtime + no time for supper = cotton-wool brains

  • The Wedding

    The wedding was awesome in so many ways. The whole weekend was, in fact. But now I am ill =S

  • Dark So Soon

    Oh, summer, how quickly you departed…

  • Motherfucking Rants on a Motherfucking Livejournal!

    Rant time I’m afraid.

  • Halloween Party

    Hallowe’en was awesome. Thank you, everyone!!

  • Nostalgia

    Nostalgia, I reflected, was a strange thing indeed. There were a lot of things I missed about my old life, since I moved away. But I had thought it was only the people, and the things I did with those people. It seemed that I was wrong.

  • Seasons’ Change

    And so, with the first frost crinkling the grass and the heating turned up, the season of wishes became the season of dreams. At times, the world makes it perfectly clear that it is a whole six months from lilac season, and the frost crackles like the land itself is being crushed in an icy grip. Other times, the smell of fires and cooking and inside-in-Winter doesn’t make it all seem that bad after all.

  • Dandelion Constellation

    Two of Witches
        Queen of Hearts
    a Dozen Friends

  • Paradox of the Unseelie Dreamer

    So many dreams, so many… Like being crushed by them, but so beautiful… Redefining the world and redefining myself, endlessly… So cold, so dark… But must never lose this…

  • Moving House

    It’s finally reached that time. Despite the furniture in the car and the eight boxes of books in the garage, not to mention the three bin liners full of stuff for charities or throwing away, my room’s still so full I can’t get to the bed. God knows how I’m going to fit all of this into the flat, anyway.

  • Housewarming

    Attention Soton Kiddies et al!