Year: 2006

  • Phone Calls of Doom

    2.25 hours on phone + 1 hour past bedtime + no time for supper = cotton-wool brains

  • So, LJ…

    I have on my desk:

    • Half a bottle of bad port
    • A nearly-full bottle of Blue Charge
    • A glass.

    So, should I perform the ultimate sin?

  • This Weekend

    UV-fluorescent body paint is awesome.

    Drinking tea in nightclubs is awesome.

  • Beyond Good and Evil

    And so, with the beginnings of Autumn, another year begins to draw to a close. Today is the first of October – exactly a year since, worried by the future and by my rapidly-dwindling time at university, I made a wish.

    This is what I wished:

  • New computer fun!

    Righty, with poor old Suzaku now on its last legs and my parents declaring it a fire hazard, I’m putting together a new machine to pass the time until the Great DirectX 10 Splurge.

    It’s going to be one of those Shuttle jobs, small enough that I can move it to the living room as a media centre PC once the Splurge occurs.

  • Right At Your Door

    To: The director, scriptwriter and associated staff of the recently-released movie “Right at Your Door”

    Should you wish to follow up the no-doubt superbly mediocre reception of your film with another, I highly reccommend the conversion from story to film of some bunch of crap by a talentless hack known as “Katrina’s Legacy”. You will find it very much in genre. Around four years time should be an appropriately meaningful release date. I also heartily reccommend giving the author of said story large wodges of cash.

  • Post-LARP fever

    As always, post-LARP fever is getting to me. For three days I’ve dealt with matters of life and death in a place a thousand miles and a world away, and tomorrow… Tomorrow I have to get up at 6am, go to work and pretend none of it really happened.

    I’m going to be in a very strange mood for a while. As usual. =S

  • Maelstrom Mode!

    The weather’s sunny, nights are well moon-lit, my bag is mostly packed, and the whole place smells of liquid latex. It must be Maelstrom time again!

  • Public Service Announcement

    Maelstrom Panic!

    Racheet, is it still okay for me to stay over at yours?

  • The Week in Monochrome

    September. Autumn. Another summer lost to history.

    It crept up on me; I barely noticed until today. To think, a mere five years ago I’d have been spending this weekend getting ready for a new school year. These days, it’s just the coming of autumn. In a way, I think that might be worse.