Year: 2007

  • Thoroughly Weird

    So, last night’s dream involved:<ul><li>Staying in a hotel that looked like an old Oxbridge college</li><li>Steam trains passing about three feet from the window</li><li>Joseph screaming due to a bug in the code</li><li>Receiving a commendation from work for making something out of toilet rolls and sellotape</li><li>Claire, but aged about 14</li><li>Rhiannon with an over-the-top Westcountry accent.</li></ul>

    Have I finally gone insane?

  • Software Engineering LOL

    I’m not sure how other companies approach milestone releases. I get the impression from various bits of software that I use that the big open-source projects tend to have a series of alpha, beta and release candidate releases during the months leasing up to a release, complete with feature freezes, code freezes and all sorts of other measures to keep things under control.

    Where’s this going? Ah yes, here.

  • Caffeine and Cash

    It’s almost relaxing to sit here on the train, watching the colours of autumnal Dorset slide past. I’m finding looking out of the window oddly compelling today, despite the fact that all that’s out there are sights that I see every day. Perhaps because it’s 10am, much later than my normal early-morning trip to work – trains just don’t run early on Sundays. Or perhaps it’s the ridiculous amount of coffee that I consumed whilst waiting for it, which unike the usual barely-caffeinated brown water seems today to have been ultra-strong. In fact I’m feeling quite high, which is an effect of caffeine I thought I’d left behind at about the age of 14.

    Anyway, it’s probably apparent this far into the post that I am indeed going to work today – and, as I found out yesterday, that makes my 7th day of the 19 straight days I am expected to work. Hopefully Eric and Joseph’s return today will improve my sanity somewhat, because the last few days have taken their toll. Goodness only knows what I’ll be feeling like in a week’s time.

  • Who needs a Music Collection?

    Since I got my eeePC, I’ve been experimenting with streaming music from the ‘net rather than from the hard disk of my desktop. I’ve come to the conclusion that my music collection has been somewhat surpassed by

    I’ve been scrobbling for probably a year or so now, to the point that listening to’s recommended tracks and Neighbour Radio is a lot like listening to my actual music, only more varied, more interesting, and – as now – interspersed with random German filk.

  • Job-Hunting Appeals

    Warning: Epic Rant Ahead

    Not so long ago, I was a rare breed – someone who enjoyed their job. I could go into work every day, and help to invent cool things. And after the inventing there would be a lot of development and testing, but it’s all stuff that needs to be done to turn an idea into a thing that someone will actually buy.

  • Suspicious Fairy Activity

    Never have I been reminded more than I was today that fairies come in all shapes and sizes. Specifically, those responsible for the tangling of string, rope and miscellaneous cords whilst no-one is looking.

    Many months ago, we unwound a cable from its drum and laid it out along a concreted area. This is a cable of no half measures – four hundred metres in length and nearly two inches thick, military spec, designed to last for decades at the bottom of the sea. The whole drum of it weighs about as much as a small car.

  • November

    It’s that time of year again, when the bright and cold mornings inspire in me the unfortunate desire to sit at train stations and write and – here’s the unfortunate bit – drink train station coffee. I appear to be making my way through about a litre of it at present, and thankfully it’s still in the “warm brown caffeine” stage rather than the eventual entropic state of “cold brown grit”. My problem, however, isn’t my choice of overly-expensive beverage but that I seem to be out of practice at writing. I’ve spent the last ten minutes staring at what currently exists of my story “The Lost Sky”, and have written nothing. It stands at a phenomenal 3 pages.</p> <p class=”western” style=”margin-bottom: 0cm;”>That, I suppose, is why I’m writing this instead – I’m trying to at least get the desire to write going again. Does anyone out there in blog-land have any good advice on how to get writing again? Working solutions to be paid for in hugs/beer! =p</p> <p class=”western” style=”margin-bottom: 0cm; font-style: normal;”>Semi-related rant: The rail network should have WiFi. I don’t necessarily mean the trains – it’d be nice, but technically complicated and expensive. Just the stations would do, the same stations that already clearly have an internet connection so that they can update their live departure boards. I would pay for this, and I’d bet half the suits-with-laptops on this train would too. Does this exist somewhere, and Britain / South West Trains is just lagging behind? I can’t believe it’s so novel an idea that no-one in the rail companies has considered it.</p> <p class=”western” style=”margin-bottom: 0cm;”>(Side question that I doubt anyone knows the answer to: Do all stations with live departure boards have net access? I’ve noticed a lot of stations have TV-style aerials on long poles, pointing in roughly the direction of the next station on each side. Do they use this instead? If so, I can’t see them liking the idea or running a net connection over that just so I can blog from the arse end of Dorset…)

  • Halloween Costume?

    Right, Halloween party on Saturday and I have no idea what to go as. Here’s the suggestions so far:

    Since some partygoers are going as various of the Endless, Neil Gaiman has been suggested.

  • Eternal Sonata

    News at Ten: Chopin knows spoilers for Dreaming Awake.