Year: 2009

  • Dishing out Google Wave Invites

    I’ve tweeted this already, but just so it goes out to LiveJournal and other blog-followers too:

    The great Googly gods have blessed me with a bajillion Google Wave invites. I have 20 left right now. First 20 people to send me their e-mail address get ‘em.

  • Dial M for Mandelson

    I can’t be the only one thinking along these lines right now, so… have blog, will rant.

    I think Peter Mandelson has too much power.

  • Today’s Really Bad Plan (TM)

    Joseph has a bad effect on me. =S

    So, I sort of want to write a post-apocalyptic episode of Thomas the Tank Engine where a botched nuclear test leaves the humans dying of radiation poisoning, and the trains spend the humans’ last days convincing them to attach spikes and guns to all the engines so they can duke it out Mad Max style.

  • Cold November Rain

    The rain here is not falling or even pouring. It is constant, pervasive. As you look into the grey mist a hundred metres away in all directions, if you’re lucky, you can make out the merest hint of an angle to signify the way the squally wind is buffeting the maelstrom.

    I left work early in order to do some photography this afternoon. With hindsight, of course, this was a silly plan. Even sillier my lack of coat and umbrella today – the thrice-damned weather forecast, of course, promised only drizzle. I wore my heavy-weather trials gear on the half-hour walk to the station, but to my regret I only bothered to take the jacket.

  • To Run, or Not to Run, That is the Question

    Right, having pitched a roleplaying game setting with the caveat that I wouldn’t run it, I appear to have acquired four potential players. So, here’s the deal.

    With four or possibly five committed players, I will run an online game. It will be run on a wiki rather than on a forum like RPoL. I will deal with the entropy problem the same way I did for In Love and War: game threads will not necessarily wait for you. If multiple characters are doing things in a thread, and one of them stops posting, it will be assumed that they’re not doing anything interesting. If you want to do something and it’s really critical that the world waits for you, let me know. The usual solution is to split off into a 1 player + GM only thread.

  • Changeling 2: The Anti-Changeling?

    I have thought up yet another setting for a roleplaying game that I will probably never get to run. This may be of interest to my former “Changeling: In Love and War” players since it’s in the same world, though the feel of it is completely different. Pretty much the opposite, in fact.

    I have two words for you: Punk fairies.

  • Oh Look, a Totally Normal E-mail

    Ahahaha WHAT.

    Rupert Murdoch is now following you on Twitter