Year: 2014

  • Touchdown, Half a Billion Miles Away

    On March 2nd 2004, without great fanfare, an Ariane 5 rocket blasted off into orbit carrying a payload designed by the European Space Agency to investigate a nearby comet. Its name was Rosetta, and it set off on one of the most complex gravitational trick-shots we have ever attempted.

    Rosetta's gravitational slingshots

  • Gathering Dusk

    Dusk falls across Dorset, darkening the fields from Christchurch in the east, past me, way past me out to Lyme Regis in the west.

  • On GamerGate

    Dear GamerGate supporters, trolls, flamers and everyone associated:

    Here is a pale blue dot.

  • Ooh arr, Oi be Resolvin’ ee’s Grammatical Failin’s

    Part 1. US Edition

    vosotros. vous. ihr.

    The more languages I learn, the more it stands out that English has no second-person plural, no way of saying “you” and explicitly meaning more than one person.

  • Adventures in Emoji

    Yesterday, a friend of mine started me on a quest that was to be filled with despair. It started innocently enough.