So, this week’s been fun. Tuesday and Wednesday were each 14-hour days of doomful preparation for customer visits, which didn’t go awesomely. And they’re back next week.

I despair more and more about this project - on Wednesday I had to explain the concept of client-server architecture (and why we should have used it) to a programmer 20 years my senior. Also, I was required to explain what queues are and why multi-threaded code needs them.

People are apparently getting worried that our software audit is going to go badly. I think we’ve got an advantage, though - unlike any other software project I’ve worked on in the place, we actually use source control for some of our code. (Of course, the monstrosity that forms the main code for the system isn’t in there, because that would be too much work.) And our bug reporting is done by a spreadsheet and a directory full of Word documents. This is progress; two days ago we were still using Post-It notes.

Right, rant over. Time for a weekend of swimming and baking brownies!

Also, I just changed OS again. Y’know, I could swear the ‘Server’ version of Ubuntu never let on pre-install that it would dump you at a console login with no GUI. And that it doesn’t consider xorg a dependency of gnome.