In last night’s dream, courtesy of no alarm-clock wake-up this morning:

  • My cousin-once-removed-in-law (?) actually being my daughter
  • Not having a baby seat on my bike, so lashing her to the cross-bar to ride into town
  • A big party to celebrate Eric giving birth
  • Nick’s parents living in a castle with huge grounds
  • Me running around said grounds in sunglasses and a pair of shorts
  • Being laughed at for said attire by people in a gift shop
  • Hundreds of people turning up for a medieval banquet
  • A multi-bird roast, carved by Phil Broadhead and a former Prince of England turned evil
  • Buxom wenches
  • The undead
  • Said undead being despatched by someone-or-other whilst I was in the bathroom
  • Everyone rejoicing and saying I’d got rid of the undead
  • Me waking up, intent on blogging the dream, but discovering that I couldn’t type properly and every word I tried to type came out as something completely different
  • Eric telling me not to worry, because I’d remember it anyway.

And I did! Hurrah.

Joseph has slept in ‘til 9:30 and counting in order to facilitate this dream. I’m thankful! And quite confused.