It’s almost relaxing to sit here on the train, watching the colours of autumnal Dorset slide past. I’m finding looking out of the window oddly compelling today, despite the fact that all that’s out there are sights that I see every day. Perhaps because it’s 10am, much later than my normal early-morning trip to work - trains just don’t run early on Sundays. Or perhaps it’s the ridiculous amount of coffee that I consumed whilst waiting for it, which unike the usual barely-caffeinated brown water seems today to have been ultra-strong. In fact I’m feeling quite high, which is an effect of caffeine I thought I’d left behind at about the age of 14.

Anyway, it’s probably apparent this far into the post that I am indeed going to work today - and, as I found out yesterday, that makes my 7th day of the 19 straight days I am expected to work. Hopefully Eric and Joseph’s return today will improve my sanity somewhat, because the last few days have taken their toll. Goodness only knows what I’ll be feeling like in a week’s time.

One reassuring fact, though - in the time I’ve so far s

pent typing this, I’ve earned about a fiver. Yesterday I earnt nearly £200 all told, which is something at least. I just wish there was some chance of the money arriving before the end of November or, more likely, the end of December.