Right, so, I watched Iron Man again, and came away with the same three conclusions. To whit:

  1. Pepper Potts is totally hot.

  2. Samuel L Jackson is, indeed, a badass.

  3. The defence industry in the real world is insufficiently cool.

Warning, maths and geek-faggotry ahead.

So, I am thinking. This is Lockheed Martin’s HULC exoskeleton, that allows the user to comfortably carry 200 lb. Let’s give a liberal 50 lb of that to the battery, so 150 lb to play with.

A liberal estimate of body surface area might be 2 metres squared, and let’s stick that up to 3 metres squared to count for clothing, padding etc.

So 150 lb over 3 metres squared is 50 lb/m^2, or 22.6 kg/m^2. Titanium has a density of 4.54 g/cm^3, 4540 kg/m^3. So we could coat the entire body in 22.6/4540 = 5 mm thick titanium. That’s gotta be pretty effective against small arms fire if nothing else, and there must be a hundred things better at stopping bullets than titanium. (Fabric composite materials like kevlar? Ceramics?)

tl;dr can has power suits now plzkthx?