So, blog. As Claire reminded me, it’s been far too long since I’ve updated this. I’m going to try and stay up-to-date with it from now on, partly to rationalise my thoughts which are somewhat confused at the moment, and partly to see if writing LJ posts stimulates my brain to write actual stories.

So, in summary, for those of you I haven’t spoken to in far too long:

  • I'm going to be a father. On August 29th, or so the reckoning goes. Having only found out about this six weeks ago, I'm only just about getting over the shock. It still feels very strange. However, what with both Eric and I being awesome and being together, we will hopefully manage. Current prospective names are Joseph and Alice, though they'll probably change a thousand times in the next two months.
  • The Bournemouth Extravaganza is still going ahead for the last weekend in July. With any luck it'll be actually sunny then. Today's been the first actually July-like day this month, so I'm hoping it stays that way! I figure our place can sleep maybe 5 visitors comfortably, or up to 12 if you're very friendly and don't mind sleeping in the bedroom and hallway. There'll be a big organisation post at some point.
  • Housing things are a bit odd at the moment. We're on a rolling contract in our flat, which means the landlord can give us two months' notice to move. I'm very fond of this place, and very averse to the stress of moving, what with all the other sources of stress at the moment. However, it'd be nice to have somewhere more permanent. People are poking me about shared ownership housing, but I have no idea whether I can actually afford that kind of thing or not, seeing as I'm losing money while paying my current £600/month rent. Furthermore, it'd be nice to have a garden and a car, though I can't see either happening anytime soon.
  • Work has me travelling to Weymouth every day now - a glorious four hours a day of commuting. If only I was employable, I'd seriously be considering getting a job in Bournemouth. If only I could go back to living five minutes' walk from work, that'd be awesome.

Brain dump successful; more postage tomorrow!