Once again I have to leave the hospital at 9pm, letting Eric and Joseph sleep all-too-cutely together. It’s very difficult to leave them behind, when I desperately want to stay. It’s going to be even odder on Thursday, when I have to go to work and somehow pretend to be doing something useful rather than wishing I was back at the hospital.

I wonder how men coped before we were allowed paternity leave? I just can’t imagine…

Also, many apologies to Domina and Gideon about the new no-visitors-allowed thing. I guess you’ll both get your chance after they come home from hospital! (We’ll probably leave it a few days before having visitors at home to give Joseph time to adjust.)

Tonight, thanks to the wonderful Red Bull fairies, I am not feeling like death. Thus, I will attempt to have actual food! …Almost real food. Emergency quiche gets, since most of my fridge has now gone off.