Yesterday Joseph, my parents and I headed to “Steamed Up”, a steam rally out near Cole Hill in Dorset. Joseph was pretty keen on the bouncy castle and the tractors, while my mum was predictably getting into teaching Joseph how steam engines work. Me, I was mostly in it for the pub lunch. But still.

When it comes to engines, I abide by a simple formula: power / weight = fun. Not to disparage the efforts of the men and women that restore and run these things, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re lacking a little on the ‘fun’. And also the ‘ludicrous danger’.

Steamrollers and Steam Tractors at 'Steamed Up'

On the basis that these rallies seem to be engine-type specific: steam rallies for steam-powered vehicles, and there are no shortage of car and bike rallies for petrol- and diesel- engined vehicles, the natural next step would seem to be this:

The UK’s first Jet Rally.

Not convinced? Watch this:

And this:

Oh yes, also this:

Now do you see why, at all costs, we must make this happen?