From having four visitors, suddenly we are on our own. Eric is having a nap, Joseph is trying to sleep, it’s dark outside and the lights are down low… Though nothing fundamental has changed, I’m feeling lonely now. I can’t find the words for just how much I miss Southampton; how much I miss having everyone around all the time. Hell, right now I even miss Eric, though she’s only in the next room.

Good old wanderlust is becoming a problem too. I’m envious enough of two of my friends who are off travelling around the world, and now I get to be envious of another two who are going to India to see them there. It’s not just that kind of epic travel I’d like to do; even just packing up some things and heading to some other part of the country for a few days would be nice. But are the days when I could do that over already? It’s a feat of organisation just to go to the shops right now - we’d need to time it right between Joseph’s feeds, put the pram together, pack a bottle and nappies… The time between wanting to go out and doing so has gotten much longer. I wonder how long the preparation time for any kind of proper travel might be?