I know “cook” and “parent” isn’t a common combination in my corner of the lazyweb, but here goes anyway.

I’m somewhat stuck in a culinary rut these days, cooking pretty much the same 5 or 6 things that I know the family likes, over and over again, and it’s getting kind of dull. I’ve got plenty of recipe books, but every recipe that takes my fancy fails the Eric test (for being spicy or containing pulses) or the Joseph test (for being too liquid, being mostly meat, or taking more than an hour to cook).

So my first question: Can anyone reccommend a good recipe book for toddler-compatible dishes?

And my second: Anyone got any random ideas for stuff I should cook?

(Recipes can be as advanced as you like - I make souffles and filo pastry only under duress, but anything else is fine! =D)