We got home from Guildford at 6pm yesterday after heavy traffic on the M3, only for Joseph to get very yellow and start wheezing. Thus, £12 of taxi later we pitched up at Poole Hospital. We had to stay there until almost midnight for them to do a few tests eve though they didn’t think anything was particularly wrong. Joseph fed nearly constantly from 9.30 until 11. Another £12 back home, and he was hungry again…

The over-tiredness and Joseph-screams are taking their toll on me quite severely. Eric has instructed me not to be emo. I quite agree - I’m being rubbish when I ought to be supportive - I just wish that was easier after 20 hours awake!

Now it’s 5.30am. He’s been feeding for half an hour and shows no signs of stopping. We have to be ready to leave the house at 10am to go to yet another hospital to get his tongue-tie fixed.

On the plus side, he may be getting more used to sleeping in his cot rather than with us now, which can only be a good thing.