I had a very strange dream last night.

To begin with, all the Southampton geeks decided to move en masse to Bath - Joseph not included, apparently. We took up an entire flat block, and Eric and I had a ground floor flat with a cellar, which, after one particularly rainy day, flooded completely right up to ground level. I had some argument with the insurance inspectors, then some completely unrelated argument with Thirza (for some reason).

Then the ground started rumbling so I went outside. Some local Bath resident explained to me that it was just the TARDIS taking off, and that happened all the time. On a hill behind the city, a gigantic DOS prompt balefully flickered “C:>”.

Also, Bath had a Spanish Quarter, and the two platforms of the local station were divided according to social class of passenger rather than direction of travel.

Then, I think, we went to war against someone. It all gets a bit blurry at that point…