So, without warning or any kind of realisation as to what was going on, the Northern hemisphere passed from Spring into Summer, neatly dumping us off at the Summer Solstice. Barely yesterday I was fretting about Joseph waking up earlier and earlier with the light, and yet already we sit at the longest day, the mornings getting steadily later again from here.

Since the last solstice six months previous, Joseph has gone from babbling to saying dozens of words, the number of gadgets around the place has doubled, and I’ve flown over 12,000 miles. I’ve seen the sun rise over the flat block on the corner, then seen it set over Iraq. There has been a RABIES on which we ventured deep into the Hedge and emerged only slightly weirder, there has been an Extravaganza and I have roleplayed for the first time in years.

Today’s dinner to mark the occasion was Djej Matisha Mesla with white rice, Apple & Rhubarb Crumble with custard, and organic cider.

So to Lugh, and to Ra, and to Apollo and all other gods that-way inclined, this drink’s for you. May this summer be warm, and bright, and good.