Welcome to the hardware & robots area of my site. Here you’ll find build diaries, explanations, photos and videos of all the hardware I’ve built or hacked together by cramming Raspberry Pis inside childrens’ toys.

Raspberry Tank
The Raspberry Tank was possibly the first tank-like robot powered by a Raspberry Pi. It's smartphone- or laptop-controlled, streams video from its webcam, fires plastic pellets and can navigate autonomously.
USV-01 "Harry Paye" is an off-the-shelf remote control boat refitted as a testbed for an autonomous navigation system. It's also a lot of fun to play with!
My first Quadcopter was built from scratch to navigate autonomously using the built-in Raspberry Pi. It also streams live video via WiFi.
Lego Turtle
The Lego Turtle is an Arduino microcontroller retro-fitted onto an old Lego Mindstorms kit. It features a built-in interpreter for simple Logo programs loaded via the serial port.
All-Terrain Pi
The All-Terrain Pi is a "off-road" remote control toy fitted with a Rasbperry Pi, controllable from Scratch or by touch/tilt input from a smartphone.
Flight Tracker
I built my own ADS-B receiver to track flights taking off from the nearby airport, using a Raspberry Pi and an SDR dongle.
Gecko Cam
Our pet gecko has an instrumented and automated vivarium. The Gecko Cam page explains the hardware and software setup.
Linx 1010B Linux
My "Fun with Playbulb" post includes example code for controlling a Playbulb LED light from your computer via bluetooth, and setting the colour according to mailbox status or weather.