There has been no progress on the tank itself this week, but for the sake of completeness, here’s the slides from my talk yesterday at BarCamp Bournemouth. Sadly (thankfully?) I didn’t record any audio, so you’ll have to cope without the joy of listening to me attempting humour.

Raspberry Tank – Barcamp Bournemouth 5 from ianrenton

The room was so packed that someone elected to watch sat on the floor outside, which is always a good sign. The tank suffered performance anxiety and crapped out after a few minutes of autonomous operation, was controlled at least once by an audience member, and still–somehow–didn’t shoot me during the talk.

Here’s a few seconds of it under remote control courtesy of @ProactivePaul, which isn’t embedded here because TwitPic sucks.

And of course, everyone understood perfectly what was going on:

All in all, an awesome weekend. Thanks to everyone who attended my talk!