If, like me, you’re a whiskey snob, ending up with a bottle of bad (or even worse, blended) whiskey can be a problem. I mull it! Being as it’s called a “warmer”, it is of course very alcoholic, and as it is called “Winter”, naturally I have only ever made this in July.


  • 1 bottle barely-tolerable whiskey
  • 4 litres orange juice
  • 1 litre cranberry juice
  • mulling spices.  Lots.  Seriously, if they come in a box, use the whole damn box.


  1. Put the whiskey and the juices in a large pan, and heat until barely simmering.
  2. Add the mulling spices.  Continue barely-simmering for half an hour.
  3. Transfer to jugs, thermos flasks, etc.  If your mulling herbs were free-floating rather than in bags, strain the mixture to remove them at this stage.
  4. If desired, drink responsibly.  Otherwise, drink irresponsibly.