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  • Pokemon Going

    Bournemouth Gardens is packed on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Shoppers bustle past, teenagers play on the grass, but today more than usual their gaze is directed downwards at their phones. Kids, adults, old and young; cyclists, bus drivers and big hairy bikers all alike. In a parallel universe, the place is dotted with spinning cubes and buried under a thick drift of cherry petals.

  • Blast From the Past: Dragon’s Claw’s Chromatic Skill System

    Back in the dim and distant past of my school days, Dreaming Awake was called “Dragon’s Claw” and was going to be a video game rather than a book. As far as I can tell from trawling the Internet Archive, not much was posted about it online, but for some reason today I remembered the design work we did on its skill system.

  • Adventures in Emoji

    Yesterday, a friend of mine started me on a quest that was to be filled with despair. It started innocently enough.

  • Like Father, Like Son

    I knew the day was coming soon, when my son would decide that he wanted to make his computer do something new, something a computer had never done before. I thought that like me when I was a little more than his age, he’d sit down in front of his computer and type his first “hello world” in some child-friendly language.

  • The Lego of Tomorrow

    “All I’m doing is building stuff,” Joseph says.
    “That’s what Minecraft is good for, isn’t it?” I reply. “It’s like Lego with infinite pieces.”
    “Yeah,” he says, and turns back to his computer screen; back to the childhood task of creating the new.
    I turn back to the washing up that I was in the middle of, back to my adult role of cleaning and tidying and preserving that which already exists.

  • Game Review: Beat Hazard Ultra

    My quest for an Android game to match the joyous beat-synched twitch reflexes of Audiosurf have very nearly come to an end. My newest drug is named Beat Hazard Ultra. (Android, iOS)

  • Gaming is Over

    Dear Sid Meier,

  • Glitch: A Beautiful Something

  • Cheating in the Age of Micropayments

    So, the other day I cheated at a videogame for what is probably the first time in years. Not for unfair advantage over other players, but merely because it was one of those games with no end, and before consigning it to the dustbin of history, I wanted to see what the best weapons were like.

  • Not Exactly Canon

    Joseph: “What’s if I was a real superhero?”

  • On Game Design: Time to Quit

    Not long after my post about the game DJ Rivals, I finished the main part of the game and hit a metaphorical wall. There was no more story; I’d bought every item in the store and mastered the game’s hardest moves. The game tries to offer replay value via progressively harder missions based on those earlier in the game, and via battles against human players of comparable level. The latter offers nothing to play for apart from in-game money, which I already had in abundance, while the former offers only the elusive carrot of 100% completion, which dangled too far distant for me to want it much.

  • On Game Design: DJ Rivals

    There’s a formula common to many of today’s popular “casual” games. If you’ve played a bunch of Facebook games recently, you’ll probably recognise it. It goes a bit like this:

  • Sea Battle: Of Ships and Submarines

    The distinction between surface ships and submarines in Sea Battle has turned out to be a more thorny issue than I originally imagined.

  • Sea Battle: Here Comes the Science Bit

    Another day down, and somehow Sea Battle is remarkably close to the finish line. (No idea what I’m talking about? See previous blog entries 1, 2 & 3.)

  • Sea Battle: That’s what Guns are for!

    Another day – or three, in this case – brings another ton of functionality for Sea Battle. (Previous posts: 1, 2)

  • Sea Battle, now with more Processing

    Nearly a month ago now, I blogged some sketches and ideas for a game I felt like writing. masterofwalri made a passing reference to Processing in his comment, and having heard people mention it in the past, I figured I should check it out.

  • Game Idea Spam Time!

    One of the games I remember liking from what I was shocked to discover was 11 years ago was Warzone 2100. It’s actually one of the rare examples of an Abandonware game that’s been taken and updated on by a loyal community – over a decade since it was first released, they’re working on version 3.0. (You can download it from here, completely free.)

  • Politics, meet Videogames. Everybody Loses.

    On Sunday, Britain’s Defence Secretary Liam Fox called for the upcoming Medal of Honor game to be banned by retailers (BBC). Apparently he finds it “hard to believe any citizen of our country would wish to buy such a thoroughly un-British game”, which shows quite a remarkable lack of understanding of the people he is supposed to represent. And since when has there been an expectation that American games should be “British” anyway?

  • Game Recommendations Please!

    A job for bored lazywebbers:

  • A Question for DS / PSP Owners

    Dear lazyweb,

  • Gunboat (Early Preview)

    As part of my irrational desire to teach myself OpenGL programming, I’m making a game that’s (currently at least) called Gunboat. It’s a fairly slow-paced 2D shooter that has the player in command of a ship, protecting a harbour from an attacking fleet.

  • On the Genealogy of Videogames

    Yet another day of high-velocity panic. Unit 01 is falling to pieces more and more rapidly, and it’s supposed to be delivered on Thursday… (People making Evangelion references will be shot. And posthumously applauded.)