Sites I Made

Websites in this section are ones I wrote the software for myself. Source code for them can be found in the Software section.

Roast Dinner

The Roast Dinner Timing Chart is a bit of Javascript magic to help you cook the perfect Sunday roast.

Flight Tracker

My flight tracking display uses a Raspberry Pi ADS-B receiver and custom display software to show planes in the vicinity of the local airport.

Can I Call It...?
"Can I Call It...?" is a utility that helps you name your new project, by finding any existing software packages that already have that name.
Rimbaud's House
Rimbaud's House is the website front-end to our pet gecko's vivarium automation and monitoring system.
Hypixel Skyblock Bazaar Flipping Calculator
The Hypixel Skyblock Bazaar Flipping Calculator helps you make stonks by flipping items in the Skyblock bazaar on the Hypixel Minecraft server.
The Marvellator is a script that generates random silly comic book titles.
Terrible Fanfiction Idea Generator
The Terrible Fanfiction Idea Generator is another silly random generator script. This one generates terrible scenarios to use as the basis for fanfiction.

Other Sites I Run

Websites in this section are ones I set up and/or run for other people.

121 Maths Bournemouth
121 Maths Bournemouth, my mum's local maths tutoring service.

Silly Things

Other silly things that I've done on the web.

Fred the Plant
Fred the Plant, a doodle that a friend and I drew in our school days that we briefly resurrected on the Web.
Business Processes Wiki
The Business Processes Wiki, your useful guide to getting started at $your_soulless_office_job_here.
Pokemon Review
Pokemon Review is a Tumblr where I coped with my son's Pokemon obsession by posting weird "reviews" of the bizarre critters. Occasionally sweary, may be NSFW depending on your W.
Dorset Card Game
The Dorset Card Game was a brief attempt at making a trading card game based on the undeniably best county in the world.

Past & Discontinued Things

SuccessWhale was a multi-column Twitter and Facebook client. It offers advert-free feeds, completely customisable columns, multiple account support, and more.
Daily Promise
Daily Promise was a "1-bit" activity tracker that allows you to make "promises" and keep track of how many days in a row you kept them. It ran for a couple of years, but only ever had around a dozen users.
Westminster Hubble
Westminster Hubble was a website that tracked UK Members of Parliament, both their activities at Westminster and on social media. It was developed with an old school friend, but it didn't take off and we released the source code to the public.
A Thousand Words
A Thousand Words was an attempt at a fiction-writing community where contributors would post a photo and encourage others to use it as an idea for short stories. I posted one story to get it started but it never saw any user-submitted content.
Dorset Constructorium
I set up and ran the website for the Dorset Constructorium, a local hackerspace that is now discontinued.
Boardwalk, a local dog walking service that used to operate in the Bournemouth and Poole area.
Josephland MC Server
Joseph's Minecraft Server, set up for my son and his friends (occasionally also me and my friends) to build stuff in.
Dynamic Democracy, an experiment in crowd-sourced policy-making and my first foray into online community-building.

This Website

Ancient MMWP header
My blog has gone through a bunch of design changes in its 15+ year history. The majority are now (thankfully!) lost to history, though some have been collected from the Internet Archive and for self-indulgent reasons are shown here.