From 2012 to 2016 I set up and ran the website for the Dorset Constructorium, a local hackerspace in the East Dorset area. It was hosted at Along with the hackerspace itself, it is now discontinued.

Design-wise it was a simple WordPress setup which looked like this:

Dorset Constructorium homepage

The excellent logo was designed by one of our committee.

We had three fancy pages with different embeds—an OpenStreetMap map showing the location of our space, Google Groups for our mailing list, and Google Calendar showing our events as well as those of nearby groups.

As well as the visitor-friendly WordPress site, we had a MediaWiki site for members to share their projects, which looked like this:

Dorset Constructorium wiki

The sites are now gone. If you’re interested in the history of the Dorset Constructorium, how it came to be and how it came to an end, there’s a post-mortem blog post here.