Maelstrom Panic!

Racheet, is it still okay for me to stay over at yours?

Mark, if you’re heading up on Thursday do you want to co-ordinate trains?

As requested by Racheet, I am required to inform the lady Anna that the aforementioned is beyond madly in love with you for getting a perfect victory against tenoshiangel (sic) on Dead or Alive 3 on the Xbox.

Ah, geeks in love =p

On the subject of geeks, the chief programmer on our project keeps advising the use of global variables =S Programming 101 FAIL. One of these days I’m going to send some of his code to the Daily WTF ^_^

I have tiffin. (edit: and Eric) My life is now complete.

Also, just to make sure >50% of all blog posts today mention it, “oh noes Steve Irwin etc.”