Ian Renton

Software engineer and builder of robots
Bournemouth, UK

Hi! I'm Ian Renton. By day, I am a software and systems engineer in the naval defence industry, specialising in command & control of autonomous vehicles and communications networks. By night I build robots and web applications, alongside being a husband, father, cook and gardener.

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Here are some of my projects:


"Plane/Sailing" is my home aircraft and ship tracker. It receives ADS-B and AIS signals via antennas on my house, processes them to share with popular tracking websites, and displays the combined results on a website for the world to see.

Raspberry Tank

The Raspberry Tank was possibly the first tank-like robot powered by a Raspberry Pi. It’s smartphone- or laptop-controlled, streams video from its webcam, fires plastic pellets and can navigate autonomously.


Because the Raspberry Tank was just too… incapable of lift, here’s a quadcopter! Yes, it also has a Raspberry Pi on it.

USV-01 “Harry Paye”

USV-01 “Harry Paye” is an off-the-shelf remote control boat refitted as a testbed for our autonomous navigation system.

All-Terrain Pi

The All-Terrain Pi is a “off-road” remote control toy fitted with a Rasbperry Pi, controllable from Scratch or by touch/tilt input from a smartphone.

Lego Turtle

The Lego Turtle is an Arduino microcontroller retro-fitted onto an old Lego Mindstorms kit. It features a built-in interpreter for simple Logo programs loaded via the serial port.

Linux on Linx 1010B Tablet

A guide on how to install Linux, plus a few bonus operating systems, on the low-cost Linx 1010B Windows tablet.

Roast Dinner Timing Chart

Javascript magic to help you cook the perfect Sunday roast.

Sea Battle

A quick-and-dirty 2D RTS game inspired by the unit customisation mechanics of Warzone 2100.

Career Explorer

“Career Explorer” is my online CV, an interactive map where you can pan around to see where I’ve been and what I’ve done in my professional career. I also have a more formal CV online.

Film Reviews (by the Numbers)

By the combined powers of Netflix and cheap cider, the Saturday Night Shenanigans crew presents… largely incoherent mocking of films!