Valentine's Day in Geekland

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So, did you all have a nice Valentine’s day? And, really, does it matter?

This morning James and I went to see a house, which was pretty good inside and the location is really good. We waited around for ten minutes in the rain before deciding to give up watiing for the agent and go and look in ourselves, though…

Then, on with the reasons why I’m now more sure than ever I’m a geek. I spent half of my Valentine’s day up to my elbows in computer hardware, and the other half repartitioning hard disks. Nice and romantic, then! ^_^;; Unfortunately, the new hard disk I bought to get over the problems that the Windows installer caused for me cost £50, so I’m even more broke than I was before… I’m justifying it as it was a purchase I’d have made during the summer anyway, I’ve just brought it forward to sort out my current troubles. I’ll just have to watch my money extra tightly when I’m earning in the summer… I do feel kinda’ bad about spending that much, but at least I have a computer I can use properly now…

I was going to be going out with Vicky and Jo this evening (not in a Valentines-day way, just going to Academy and getting drunk ^_^) but I can’t really be bothered, and Vicky’s feeling ill, so we’re not… Gives me time to finish off my Valentine’s day by… carrying on with sorting out my PC! Superfun.

Tomorrow, I shall probably sleep. I feel a strange desire to go and play DDR, although I know not why, especially since I’d be on my own and would be spending yet more money I don’t have… So yeah, I’ll probably just sleep until mid-afternoon, and fill the evening with food and IRC like all my lazy days… Oh, also, I have to phone my parents, since I forgot today, and let them know about the house and about people staying round at the DDRFUK Bournemouth meet. Gah, too much stuff to remember ^_^

Thus ends today’s list of stuff you’ve just read but didn’t really want to know about anyway. Apologies.