Brief Summary

One of Tsuki's friends from Arcadia.

Kalari's Past

Kalari, his sister Marea, and Tsuki all shared pretty much the same childhood, growing up in Arcadia. Kalari is probably the least adventurous of the three, but still wouldn't think for a second of being left out of any escapades.

He is a year younger than Marea, and two years younger than Tsuki.

His family has a reputation for musical gift, and Kalari is a particularly skilled flautist. His flute is his most prized possession, and rightly so, for such a rare item cost his family most of a year's earnings. His music is frequently the backdrop to Tsuki's sword dancing.

He takes pride in his appearance, although his generic rugged-looking Arcadian features still show through. His is 15 years of age at the start of the story.

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