System Architecture

The Plane/Sailing system architecture is reproduced below. More information about each aspect of it is contained on the other pages in the Plane/Sailing build guide.

Hardware Diagram

Plane Sailing hardware diagram

Data Flow Diagram

Plane Sailing data flow diagram


Not sure what i’m looking at. Last looked at sdr years ago. I do know it took work and appreciate your selfless contribution.

Take care!

Lars Lindemann 22 February 2022

I’m glad I found your project. I have just a few key parts to be delivered. I cannot wait to get started. Thank you so much for your hard work.

No problem, I hope it works well for you - if you get stuck, just let me know and I’ll see if I can help!

Hi Ian, fantastic project. I was not 100% clear on reading the docs - can this be run 100% offline?

There are a few things that it connects to the internet for, which can either be ignored or worked around:

  1. The MLAT data feed for non-ADSB aircraft. This is completely optional, if you don’t have it you might see a slightly reduced number of aircraft but the majority will be there.
  2. Uploading data to FlightRadar24, MarineTraffic etc. - all optional of course
  3. The web front-end index.html loads a bunch of Javascript libraries from CDNs - you can simply download them and serve them locally, updating the URLs in index.html to match
  4. The map tiles used by Leaflet.js in the web front-end. I’ve not tried providing these offline, but a quick web search suggests there are a few approaches to achieve this (e.g. leaflet.offline) by batch downloading map tiles and serving them locally.

Hope that helps!

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