A Slow and Subtle Daydream

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For a while I’ve had a strange thing with my hearing, as if I listen kind of subconsciously. Sounds slip into my mind without me noticing - I guess that’s why I often ask people to repeat themselves a fraction of a second before realising that I knew what was said after all.

Recently, though, it’s started happening to my sight as well - almost like being drunk, things I see tend to blur; not physically, but mentally. It kind of made itself obvious when crossed the road just now - somehow I knew there were no cars coming but I didn’t actually concentrate on looking.

I’m a bit unsure as to whether this is weird, or if it’s something everyone else takes for granted but I’ve only just discovered.

It feels strange, but not worrying. Kind of like slipping into a daydream, realising that the world arranges itself around your dreams rather than the other way around.

Now I’m looking up at the sky, and smiling, feeling like I could reach out and touch the tiny wisps of cloud that blow past on the wind.

Just now I bumped into a cable, so I followed it to see where it went. There’s something wonderful about being naive and childish occasionally, especially in weather like this where the whole world feels like it’s saturated in happiness.