A Thousand Summer Days

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Ah… good day, good day.

The sunlight sleepiness of the morning, the fun of the afternoon, and a peaceful evening too, with the coloured lights of the town shining like a double constellation, on land and reflected in the sea…

I thought about carrying my camera around today, but then I thought that wouldn’t capture all of the essence of it anyway. And besides, in the never-ending future, there’ll be a thousand and more wonderful days like these…

“Wave after wave rolls on, and the water falls, and the line is drawn.
Wave after wave rolls in, and the line is gone where my feet have been.
Hills that I know are there, hidden from my view by the misty air.
Light shining through the grey turns the water deep shades of lilac blue.
Music in every sound, light beyond each cloud, hope in every dream.
Songs like a healing breeze, every breath inhale and the goodness feel.
Lanes that have brought me here, framed in season flowers, lined in summer green…“

— Iona, “Wave After Wave”