Today, I had to get back to my parents’ house for 10am. I found this out at 3am. Hurrah for four hours’ sleep!

I think something about the lack of sleep turned me into Angsty Writer Mode, and I spent most of the train journey wishing I’d brought a pen and some paper with me. Writing Mode or not, though, I think I’m too busy to do NaNoWriMo this year. I guess after I finish Uni and get a job I might have time for that ^_^;

Also, I’ve discovered that MegaTokyo scares me. As time goes past, Piro and I seem to be converging. This worries me…

Anyway, the meal yesterday was great, and it was good to see my grandparents again.

While adventuring in my parents’ attic, I discovered that they hadn’t in fact destroyed my Tarot deck with all the pretty dragon pictures on, so that’s now been rescued! I also liberated some other sttuff from my parents’ house, so we now have a Dreamcast at home! And I now have my PS2 memory card back - Xenosaga fun for me!

And finally in today’s patchwork quilt of coolness, was that Mark and Anna cooked dinner for all three of us, and we watched The Princess Bride. They went on to watch Dark Crystal afterwards, but at that point I decided that sleep was probably a good idea… (Extra hour tonight, but I’m still knackered now…)