The summer passed and the sunshine faded in what seemed a brief moment… Suddenly, evenings were cold and dark again… The first illnesses of the season… Dreaming of a roaring open fire…

Suddenly, it’s not the relaxed, carefree summer anymore. Everything about us has changed with the wind. The breeze that blew us gently through our lives has turned cold, and swept everything we’ve known away before it. Things are… different, now… and thay’ll never go back to how they were, just as the brown autumn leaves can never return to their tree…

“Forever Love, Forever Dream
Only overflowing thoughts of love
Please bury all of the terrible, sorrowful time
Oh tell me why
All I see is blue in my heart
Will you stay with me
Until the winds pass
All my tears overflow again
Forever Love, Forever Dream…“

— X, “Forever Love”