And, with the rain, my motivation to do anything - particularly things involving carrying large planks of wood around town and cutting them up - disappeared. Another day of no practical work, so I’ll have to make up for it with some slaving over LaTeX…

Or the other type of latex, actually. My LARP weapons could use some work before Maelstrom.

Also in the news today:

  • I have seen the future, and it's damn cool.
  • A message to some of my Changeling players: Does this page look familiar to you? No? Thought not =p
  • Last night I discovered what is now officially the most awesome bar in Southampton: Sobar. Not for the ambience, which is trying and failing to be trendy. Not for the music, which is pretty non-existent. Not for the cocktail menu, which is dire. But for the fact they have a Phoenix cabinet built into a table.
  • My computer spent this morning in Trojan Hell. Some of them are really quite vicious these days. =S I'm inclined to avoid for a while, every file I've encountered recently from there is full of virussy badness...