Attention all Fairies!

This is a very old post from my blog; so old that it was originally hosted on LiveJournal. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest, but formatting errors are likely and the page's original comments have been lost. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

Yes, this means you - Mark, Andy, Eric, Little Andy, Racheet, Domina, Gemma and Mike!

Changeling: In Love and War will be making a return! So, here’s what I ask you guys to do, please!

All of you - Vote on whether to keep the game on RPoL or run it on a Wiki instead. There are advantages and disadvantages to each as I’m sure you all realise, but I’d like to do whatever the majority of the players are in favour of. So, vote now!

masterofwalri, spin_guy and eric_the_girl - Sorry for the inevitable many-month downtime whilst I was without internets

! Rest assured, the game has not died!

azimov_webb and eldritchreality - You guys haven’t posted in a time of length comparable to that of longcat’s physical size! Whether you’d like to stay in the game or whether you’d like to be NPCed, please let me know!

elegy_of_flames - time to get putting that opening post together, if you still want to do it - or if you want me to get your thread started for you, let me know!

amateras and tikakino - We need to do the funky chargen thing at some point, so I’ll try and pounce upon you next time you venture onto the wonderful world of the internets.

Thank you!

(And I’m very, very sorry for the temporary game death…)