Awesome Dream

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“Can you tell me why, can you tell me how?
Can you tell me why aren’t you happy now?
Whatever it is, it’s really over now
Can you tell me why, can you tell me how?
We took them by surprise
By leaving this place
Some thoughts we left behind
Some good and some sad
You should know
I hold you in my arms…
You should know
That I hold you in my arms…“

~ Apoptygma Berzerk - Love Never Dies, Part 3

The memory of it is fading so fast, even as I type this… Now I can only remember the fact that (predictably, I’m afraid) it involved savintg the world from… er… something. But what I felt when the dream was over… possibly one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. Absolutely sublime, and wonderful and peaceful…

In other news (and to stop me carrying on spouting rubbish about dreams), the practical bit. My alarm was on loud this morning, and I stil managed to sleep through it… for four hours.