Awesome weekend!

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Saturday was the DDRFUK (plus a few DDRUK people) meet, and it was absolutely awesome! Meeting everyone again was brilliant, I definitely need to go to more of these meets! My achievements today - getting an A on Beethoven Virus, and spilling Lime’s drink all over the floor within a minute of his arrival. ;;_;; I win the prize. Also had a go at Valenti on Freestyle mode and discovered it to be the most fun thing ever. Inspired by that, I went and had a go at some DDR doubles and did pretty well, so I think doubles is the way to go for fun at the moment. I also need to get better at freestyle - my main problem is reading complicated arrow sequences, so I figure I could aim for doing simple songs while looking good rather than just going for harder songs all the time.

Saturday finished and Sunday began with minimal amounts of sleep at Ant’s place (curse you, you have a far bigger room than I do =p), and then we went off to LAC. Saw lots of people that I recognised there, but didn’t actually talk to many of them ;;;; Mohammed brought along the spoils of his latest trip to an American convention - that man has far too much money! Vaguely noticed episode 1 of a series called “Samurai Champloo” looking quite cool, even if the name sucks - I keep wanting to call is Samurai Shampoo ^^ Spoils of today: Galaxy Angel book 1, Looking for the Sun book 4, Crescent Moon book 1. What is Crescent Moon? I have no idea, and neither does the part of the internet that I’ve just searched. It looks very pretty though!