Beautiful Days

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Wow… they weather today’s absolutely awesome! 17 C and bright sunshine, it really feels like spring - almost summer - here.

Went shopping this afternoon for IDE cables, and all I could find are ones that probably won’t fit (but I’m gonna try anyway). While out I popped to the arcade for a quick game of DDR, and A’d Euromix 2’s Normal 1 course… which I’ve previously failed on the 2nd or 3rd song. I dunno what’s up with me recently, everything I could never pass before I’m passing now, and usually with an A… (oh hi Vook) Hopefully sometime soon I’ll become a proper Expert player on DDR.

And in similar news, due to my new-found Pump It Up obsession, I really want a home mat now… it’ll have to wait until the next sponsorship cheque comes through, though (whenever that happens)…