*“Hello, little star
Are you doing fine?
I’m lonely as everything in birth
Sometimes in the dark
When I close my eyes
I dream of you, the planet Earth
If I could fly across this night
Faster than the speed of light
I would spread these wings of mine
Through the years and far away
Far beyond the milky way
See the shine that never blinks
The shine that never fades…” *

  • “Through the Years and Far Away”, Hoshi no Koe Soundtrack

A brief moment of happiness, that I hoped would last, fades away into tears and darkness… Last weekend may have been one of the happiest of my life, but since then I’ve found yet another of my friends being depressed and having relationship problems, and recieved an e-mail from my mum telling me that I “should feel very much that I have let (my parents) down”. I’ve abandoned my foolish hopes that this week would herald a change from the depression of the last few months, since it obviosuly isn’t meant to be that way…

I wonder… is it selfish, to wish for happiness when others don’t have it?