Calling All Soton Kiddies!

This is an pretty old post from my blog, which has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. You might want to go back to the homepage to see some more recent stuff.

My attendance at the latest RABIES event, and the ensuing “oh god I’m old” melancholy, have set me off really, really missing my own generation of Southampton geeks. And since Twitter seems generally in agreement, I propose: Some Sort of Event! (Fanfare please.)

I’d like to organise another Geek Meet, with a list of attendees more akin to RABIES 1 than RABIES 6. That would include, in no particular order: Myself and Eric, Andy, Rhiannon, Mark (+Alice?), Chantelle, Claire, Donna, Anna, Racheet (+Anne?), Ali, Nick, Martin, Leo, Pete.

Some other complications:

Next issue: where to hold it? Southampton would seem reasonable; do we have enough people who could offer crash space? Our flat in Bournemouth is on offer, though we couldn’t sleep everybody. And London is probably the easiest place for everyone to get to (and the most to do), but where would we all stay?

And the other question, when should we hold it? Summer might be best for things to do, but holidays and a lack of notice might make it hard to get everyone. Perhaps later in the year?

So that our discussion doesn’t stay relegated to Twitter, here’s a blog post. Let’s have it out in the comments and see what we can come up with! (Probably best if we all comment on LiveJournal to keep everything in one place - and for old time’s sake!)


Martin J A Gray 19 June 2010

well, iI'm still in Southampton and easy enough to find (not quite throwing distance from the talking heads, but i'm certain i could get an arrow through their window from my door step) if crash space is needed, though not sure how many we could bed since we're using much of our space as it is. But we DO have a wii linked to a projector to enable peopel to not need to sleep.

Good plan! Not sure Joseph is quite up to pulling an all-nighter, but the rest of us might be :D

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