Well, looks like I’m slowly getting over the ‘flu thing… I haven’t got my appetite back yet though. If my stomach’s reading this, get back to your normal cake-devouring ability quickly, plzkthx.

Anyways, this morning I managed to get my essay in on time, which was good at least. Scarily, though, it turns out that we’re expected to choose our final year projects… tomorrow. Argh! I have no idea… There’s a list of one’s that are available that’s going ‘round, but even then I can’t decide - there’s a few that look really interesting but pretty hard, while there’s ones that really just need a bit of theory and a bit of MATLAB so are easily possible, but might be boring… Bleh, I dunno.

Also, I have to get my hair cut ;;_;; Apparently I’m not allowed to turn up at the funeral with untidy hair. Go my parents, they don’t suck at all.