It’s been a while since my last entry… Even though not much has happened, I feel like I should post something.

The past week’s been really relaxed - far too relaxed, I think. I’ve done far too little work (in fact, I still have a problem sheet to do before tomorrow morning). I’ve done an awful lot of lounging around, and I missed quite a few important things, like two lectures and a Kung Fu session.

Saturday night’s party was great - fancy dress again, and this time Racheet and Nick got the delight of inventing my costume. So, behold Tsuki the Occult Pirate (pictures soon). As usual, I think I was too introverted and I’m ashamed I spent the last hour on the verge of falling asleep, but I did really enjoy the party.

Earlier in the week I had a brief fad for belatedly starting NaNoWriMo, but I got distracted after 300 words. Now eight days in and with a negligible number of words written, I’ve really got no hope.

Next weekend is the London meet! I can’t wait, it’s been so long since I’ve seen all the intarweb folk. It’s really brought it home to me recently, though - there are three main groups of people in my life, and any one of them could take up 100% of my time. Currently I’m letting Southampton things take up about 90% of my time, and I’m fine with that, but days like today and next Saturday (when important things are happening in two different places) it makes me feel very guilty that I have to miss out on one or the other…