An update on the current Changeling situation, for those playing:

Racheet: Character sheet online, you’re good to go.

Andy: I have a draft of your character sheet, with no magic. If you’re done feel free to post on the Character Details thread, else get in touch and we’ll finish off anything still outstanding.

Little Andy: I have the character sheet we worked out ages ago, but it needs modifying for the new rules.

Eric: I have the vaguest of idea what you want to play, nothing concrete. Let’s talk it through sometime and come up with a character sheet.

Domina: I know you have difficulty getting online at the moment, we may need to meet up again to try and come up with a character concept.

Mark: Game’s here if you’re still interested in playing. You’ve probably heard the setting a dozen times by now, but grab me at some point if you want to talk things through.

Let’s get this game going!