Cleaning Frenzy!

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That… was a lot of cleaning! The flat is almost spotless now, ready for a dozen people to descend upon it this weekend! Whole rooms have been reorganised, it’s quite scary. There’s now even some sense of order in the kitchen! And my recipe books are accessible!

On which note, I have a day off today. (Kind of figured.) By my reckoning I deserve it:

Did I mention in a previous post a vast horrible mess of code, under no version control and with an entirely paper-based bug tracker? Well, guess who’s in charge of that now? Yep. The other developer has other things he needs to work on, so I inherited it. On Wednesday lunchtime. By yesterday afternoon, the number of open bugs had reduced from 8 to a shiny zero, it was all in SVN and I’d tidied the whole repository. Victory!

Oh yes, but all the new bugs aren’t properly in the bug tracker yet. Because somebody stole the hole-punch.