Today was fun, pure and simple. No problems in life, no drama to contend with, no worries about the future, just fun from start to finish.

So it seems to me then, at last, that my education has finished in the same way as it began. There were no worries for us then, small children that we were. Despite seventeen years of work, and deadlines, and responsibilities, and exams, it’s ending the way it all began. Carefree.

Of course, in a sense it’s not all over yet. There’ll be no such thing as a clear-cut ending, in this world where communication between friends miles away can be easier than between those who meet face-to-face. The future no longer has to close its doors to the past, and I’ll certainly not be letting it.

It feels a little like clockwork running down, finally, after all this time. But I have friends who can wind the mechanism back up, so that I can never stop completely.