Cons and Spring

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As with all major and wonderful events, I can’t really write up this year’s Minamicon in a way that does it justice, so I shan’t really bother. Suffice to say it was as awesome as always and as full of drama as always. Unusually this time: I went to the sake tasting, I didn’t go into the games room, I got a free lift to and from the hotel every day (thanks Alex!). I now have shiny posters and shiny plushies. All is good.

Operation RoboFish is getting going again. With any luck I may have taken over the world / finished my final year project by the end of April. If I can work all through Easter.

The GameSoc AGM was today, so congratulations and good luck to the new comittee!

And, on the subject of congratulations, up for reciept of my best wishes today are: Little Andy and Thirza!

That makes it three new couples in three weeks. Spring’s well and truly in the air now.

Not long until our summertime… It’s times like this that I can almost feel the summer welling up inside of me, inching its way closer.

Not long, not long. Day by day, our dreams are getting more and more real…