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Attention Soton kiddies and associates!
Taste Bath Planning Thread!

Right, Taste Bath is in a week's time, so here goes.

We're booked in to the 12.00 to 4.00 event on Saturday 30th June.

I have 10 tickets, most of which I think have been paid for.  There are nine people I'm very sure are coming, and two I'm not sure of.  So, if you know which of the bracketed people below is actually coming (or any other changes) please comment:

Ian, Eric, Andy, Rhiannon, Mark, Lara, Chantelle, Sam, Paul, (Emily), (Paul's Dad).

It's held in Royal Victoria Park.  There's park-and-ride services for those going by car, and for anyone arriving by train one can catch the X39, 14 or 17 buses.

So that I can give out tickets and things, and still let us get into the place on time, let's try to meet at 11.30 in front of whatever looks most like a main entrance.